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We are an MLC 2006 Certified crew manning agency providing worldwide recruitment services exclusively within the luxury yacht industry.  Orion Yacht Crew works with employers, such as Owners, Captains, and Management Teams, to provide them with professional, qualified, and compatible crew for their vessels.


At Orion Yacht Crew, we are dedicated to raising the bar, putting the needs of the crewmembers and employers above all.  We even prove our level of commitment through Orion’s Crew Rewards Program, an innovative way to improve crew longevity and promote professional growth within the industry.


We understand the nuances of operating, managing, and maintaining luxury yachts.  Our Crew Placement Team is comprised of individuals with various operational and management experience on yachts, as well as other maritime facets.  The Director of Crew Placement is a former U.S. Coast Guard Port State Control Officer and a licensed Chief Engineer.  We possess an intimate knowledge of the policies, licensing, and certifications that govern the industry today, and take pride in applying this knowledge to actively recruit fresh talent, thoroughly interview all applicants, and deliver superior crew that will meet your needs.


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